Simon Legner

TK202 GPS/GPRS tracker: firmware update

Today, I successfully updated the firmware of some TK202 GPS/GPRS trackers, labelled simtrace TK202, bought in 2009 or so.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Get a USB cable, I used this one
  2. Install latest PL-2303 driver from
  3. Obtain firmware for TK102 (Ohne SD Kartenslot) from
  4. Extract archive
  5. Follow instructions from the enclosed document.

This screenshot summarizes the procedure:

Afterwards, the GPRS transmission was working nicely. In particular, I was no longer getting a APN failed! after sending an apnuser123456/apnpasswd123456 command.

To test the GPRS transmission, you might find GPS Device Unique ID Checker helpful.