Simon Legner

Lightweight Google Calendar for Drupal

Today, I needed to integrate a lightweight and configurable calendar in a Drupal 6 page. The calendar entries should be obtained from a (public) Google calendar automatically. I ended up with the Drupal modules gcal_events and insert_block. Here’s what I did:

  1. Download the two modules, apply the patch from 373071 in order to obtain localized month names, obtained the needed (to go into /modules/gcal_events/
  2. Upload to webserver (as well as create a writeable directory /module/gcal_events/cache)
  3. Enable the modules in /admin/build/modules
  4. Edit calendar block as needed: /admin/build/block/configure/gcal_events/0
  5. Add insert block filter to a filter of choice (/admin/settings/filters)
  6. Create a page /node/add/page, insert [block:gcal_events=0] as content (select filter from previous step)
  7. When using caching, exclude page from previous step using module cacheexclude (/admin/settings/cacheexclude)
  8. Done :-)

The result is currently visible as a demo page under