Simon Legner


My interest in chemistry has its beginnings – in fact quite late – at the age of 14. At that time I spontaneously decided to attend chemical exercises (Chemische Übungen) in addition to the chemistry classes. On the one hand, one could conduct chemical experiments on your own – on the other hand, I was interested in theoretical explanations and justifications for chemical phenomena.

In high school, I attended the optional subject Chemistry Olympiad. As the name suggests, competitions take place every year. There are several qualification stages: course competitions – state competitions – national competitions – International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). In the summer of 2006 I had the possibility to participate at the IChO in Korea after reaching the 4th rank in the national competition.


You may be interested in my results at the competitions:

9th grade, 2002–2003  
course competition 2nd rank
state competition in Innsbruck/Sillgasse 8th rank
10th grade, 2003–2004  
course competition 1st rank
state competition in Innsbruck/Adolf-Picher-Platz 6th rank
national competition in Klagenfurt/Lerchenfeld 11th rank
11th grade, 2004–2005  
state competition in Lienz 1st rank
national competition in Vienna/Wiedner Gymnasium 9th rank
12th grade, 2005–2006  
state competition in Schwaz/Paulinum 1st rank
national competition in Baden/Biondekgasse 4th rank, silver medal
international competition in South Korea/Gyeongsan 101th rank, bronze medal

During the international chemistry Olympiad in South Korea I took some photos – see the gallery.